18 April 2014

His name is Count Von Meowsworth

18 April 2014

Random neighborhood cat that wants to go into Billy’s house.

16 April 2014

Did someone say salmon sashimi for dinner?

15 April 2014
“Relationship advice: Find someone who accepts you for the lazy piece of shit you are.”

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14 April 2014


im a human being with zits and extra fat and hairy legs and gray hairs and too thick eyebrows

its okay


13 April 2014

Shitty tarot card reading courtesy of my brother and his app.

12 April 2014

Blue Fin Ohtoro, Salmon, and Big Eye Tuna at the Brooks household!

5 April 2014

Guest for the week!

5 April 2014


R8 Nite Stalker

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2 April 2014